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Mar. 28th, 2007

(no subject)

I just got my itinerary for my trip to Hong Kong. Looks like I'll be leaving Ottawa on the 24th of May and heading to Toronto on a early flight and then straight to Hong Kong from there. 16 hour flight from Toronto is going to be a bitch. Sucks that Katie can't come but it's ok, there'll be a next time.

I was real frustrated with not allowed in to Centennial with a lesser high school Biology equivalent. Thank God for adult high schools. I went in and found out I can redo Biology in six weeks with a conditional letter from the adult high school to Centennial saying they should accept me when I'm done with the course. Best part is that it'll be before I leave for Hong Kong and and it's flexible towards my own schedules.

I can't think of what exactly I would like to buy from Hong Kong. There's so many possibilities! I'll probably bring some maple with me to Hong Kong seeing that's a rarity over there.

All of a sudden, I have the urge to buy a Xbox 360. I guess it's the new Xbox coming out: Black with 120 GB of memories. I probably won't get it but I would love to seeing I started a pattern with pure black gadgets. Black Razr, black PSP, black iPod, black camera, and a black electric shaver. I was thinking of getting a black iBook, but that means money...

Mar. 21st, 2007

(no subject)

as if he does it. I totally knew he would do something like this. I bring home something to bring me a bit of joy and he totally takes over. I may be a bit selfish with this, but I would like, for once, finish a game before he takes over. I rented it with my own money and he takes it as his own. I really don't appreciate what he is doing. he already did it with another game a few months ago and I go furious. I come home today from class hoping I can have a few hours of the game to myself, even though i knew he would mostly like be sitting there playing it in his fucking pajamas. as if he just wakes up and goes straight for my game. Fucking asshole. Go rent ur own games and go finish them by urself. good thing i'm moving out of this shit hole soon.

Mar. 17th, 2007


Huh, I think I've posted an old entry before with the same subject name.

I just found out that my Aunt Sasha's restaurant in downtown Toronto, called Le Cafe Vert, was selected by a popular Food Network Canada show to be showcased. The show Restaurant Makeover chooses restaurant around Canada and renovates it with a top chef and a top interior designer. They choice my aunt's restaurant a while ago and just finished renovating it. It is due to air in a month or so on the Food Network Canada. I'm so excited and proud of her! Just yesterday, she was trying to get started a small business in a slowly growing Leslieville in Toronto. Now, she one of the biggest attractions in the area. Not surprising coming from a recently critiqued restaurant. It was given 5 starts out of 5 :) Maybe next year, I'll think about working there part time. I've worked there before and loved it. It's a nice neighborhood that is still growing.

Mar. 10th, 2007

(no subject)

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Mar. 6th, 2007

I am THAT dumb

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Feb. 24th, 2007

(no subject)

I really don't want to do my Law paper. I have 7 pages to write and I have about one done. Damn Rez....that game is too addictive! At least i've beat it already so now i can at least try to focus on my paper.

The Sam Dixon Fundraiser thing is coming up next Saturday and it sounds like found. There will be a fancy dinner, art show and other cool stuff. Should be a nice night with the Dixons.

Damn Centenniel. They said I don't have a sufficient Biology course from high school but I totally do. They are looking at a grade 11 or 12 Biology but my American high school only offered Biology in grade 10. The lady didn't realize that it was an American high school so they might take my biology into consideration. Same with my English. However, George Brown accepted my English course from high school which is great. Now I have to wait for their decision. I also found out today that there will be a new plan for training Paramedics. It's called the White Paper -a six step program - which allows Paramedic to train better and help treat patients before the doctor cus there is a shortage of doctor in Ontario.

Now i must continue on my paper....bugger

Feb. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

I got called into work this morning cus Darren is still sick from his flu. I didn't realize he has shifts on Tuesdays. I think I'm getting sick too. Time to prevent it from getting any worse now.

Katie came into town this week. She brought her friend from Ryerson along, Jaqueline. She's a really nice person. We went to a Rude Dude show on Sunday but it wasn't that spectacular. We were expecting Ska, but they ended up playing as another band. However, they did play Danger Zone from the soundtrack of Top Gun.

I've barely touched my Law paper which is due next Friday. Young Drivers is almost done. I got three more sessions and then In-Car sessions will begin. yay

Why does everyone attack me? I wish I wasn't so ticklish. It's time for revenge...

Feb. 7th, 2007

Journal Entry, shall I?

A law paper is due at the end of this month. regardless all the time i have to work on it, i shouldn't put it to the end. it's a 5-7 page opinionated paper about whether cannibus (marijuana) should be legalized. i started a few days ago and already got two pages. on to a good start. hope it stays that way.

i'm planning on going down to toronto tomorrow to visit my dear. it's been about a month since i saw her. it's good to get out of ottawa too. i would stay longer but found out i have a CHEM test on the wednesday of next week. should study for that too. so, this weekend is my only chance to get out of town.so glad i was able to get three shifts taken from me.

still haven't heard back from the college about my acceptence into their school. i gotta take a math test as part of my admission into Humber college. it won't be a problem. it's math. this weekend will give me a chance to go visit the campuses too.

so happy the rideau canal is finally opened all the way. my back was hurting a lot last week from skating two hours on wednesday and friday. good exercise though. mmm...beaver tail...mmm...calories

my GoodLife membership is up as of the first week of march. end of an "era", but this is just the beginning of fitness for me :P Good riddance, Goodlife. i don't need to pay you 60 bucks a month!

Jan. 20th, 2007

Things going on

Life is at a constant recently. No real rush on academics. Waiting for admissions to the colleges in downtown Toronto. Waiting for reading week so Katie will come back. Saving up money. Other words, I am building up for the future. Who doesn't?

I've been trying to catch up on some House M.D. these past few days. Man is this show smart. But as I realized and Prianka pointed out, House tends to make conclusions based on little things he encounters at the end of each show. Regardless, it's still a very interesting show. Good thing I can actually follow along. Along with this show, I've been reading a lot of medical books. I figured it doesn't hurt to start reading up on anatomy, medicine, and other medical facts. I got an awesome book from Mayo Clinic on Chronic pain. Interesting stuff.

I was panicing about my high school transcript because I couldn't find it. I called Ames High School and they actually kept a record. I didn't know that. They sent it to OCAS and I am hoping for a good reply from the colleges. Crossing my fingers.

Homi and I beat Guitar Hero on expert. Now I should stop playing video games and do homework.

Got news on when the wedding is for my cousin. It will be on the 7th of July. I can't wait! I hope Katie gets enough time off from her job in the summer.

Jan. 10th, 2007

TaDa...Ultra Short Entry

Here goes Tommy's ultra-short entry:

Tired these past few days, not surprisingly. Need to go to sleep before 1. Finally started gym again after Christmas holidays. I feel exceptionally fat and unfit. Financially stable finally....moreso than before at least. Plans are coming into effect in near future. Full of glee. Now bed time. Later, folks.

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